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Direct Deposit Information

You must log in to MyMoreheadState and access Self-Service to set up direct deposit (view instructions). After the initial prenote, your funds will be transferred electronically to your bank. Once you enter your banking information via Self-Service, the next available payroll release will be considered a "prenote." The prenote is a bank requirement representing a trial run to ensure accuracy before actual money is transferred. When a prenote occurs, you will get a paper check, as usual; however, there will also be a $0.00 transaction sent to your bank account.  This allows you time to verify the prenote. It also allows the bank time to notify the Payroll Office if the transaction was incomplete. It usually takes 3-4 days for our bank to notify us of an error. If you switch your account, we will give you the option of waiving the prenote on your new account only when it remains in the same bank.
Any enrollments, changes, or cancellations made after the 1st of the month for the 30/31st end or the 16th of the month for the 15th end will not be effective until the following pay release.
Please verify with your bank on payday to ensure what money is available to you.

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