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Payroll FAQ

Here are some commonly asked questions about payroll, taxes and withholding and direct deposit. If you have additional questions, please contact the payroll office.


Payroll Information

Employees are paid semi-monthly on the 15th and 30th of each month. If the 15th or 30th falls on a weekend or University holiday, the pay release is the preceding workday.

Direct deposit is mandatory for all full-time employees but is available to all employees. If direct deposit isn't elected, checks will be distributed by your department.

All employees must fill out a W-4 (Federal) and Form K-4 (State) for tax withholdings.

Exempt (salary) employees are paid on a current basis. Non-Exempt and student (hourly) employees are paid after the fact.

Tax Information

Employees must complete Forms W-4 and K-4 for the Payroll Office to withhold federal and state income taxes from their paychecks. This information will remain in effect until a change in your withholdings is made. Forms should be delivered to the Payroll Office at 310 Howell-McDowell either through mail, fax or by hand.

An individual wanting to claim "Exempt" from the Federal income tax must indicate this on the Form W-4.  Leave the allowance area (Box 5) blank and enter "Exempt" in Box 7 on the form. This status is only valid for the calendar year it is submitted. A new Form W-4 claiming "Exempt" must be submitted by February 15 of the following year.

Nonresident Aliens (NRA) must complete the appropriate paperwork. If there is a tax treaty with the NRA's home country of residency, they may complete Form 8233 (available in the Payroll Office) for tax exemption. Form 8233 must be completed each calendar year. We will also need your Visa, Social Security Card and I-20 letter.

The department or unit head designates individuals permitted to pick up checks. These individuals then pick up checks from Accounting & Financial Services on the pay release date. They are taken to a centralized departmental location for distribution. If you are at an off-campus location, the department will mail your check to your work location. It may be possible for the department to mail your check to your home. The department will determine if this is an option.

You may view your pay stub via MyMoreheadState.

View Direct Deposit Information

Human Resources can provide information on additional types of services eligible for participation. Payroll will only deduct for approved services or legally mandated deductions.

Regular employees should contact Human Resources at 606-783-2097. Work-study students should contact the Registrar at 606-783-2008.

A lost paycheck will require a stop payment before a new check can be generated. Accounting & Financial Services will initiate a stop payment based on information provided by the department (i.e., name, date, and amount of the check). When the stop payment is applied, the information will be forwarded to the payroll office requesting a replacement check.

The IRS gives a deadline of January 31 to postmark the W-2s. You should contact the Payroll Office after the first week of February if you haven't received your W-2. You must notify the appropriate office to report an address change before December. Human Resources maintain employee addresses, and the Registrar's office maintains student addresses. W-2s are available online. You must consent to be able to view them online via Self-Service, but you will not have to consent each year. If you consent to view it online, you will not receive a printed W-2 in the mail.

Employer OASD (Old Age, Survivor's, Disability) 6.2% + HI (Health Insurance) 1.45%] = 7.65%

OASD is commonly referred to as social security. The Social Security Administration (SSA) sets a wage base each year.

HI is commonly referred to as Medicare. Medicare does not have a limit; therefore, all medicare wages will be taxed at 1.45%.

View FICA Information


Please note that the percentages and limits listed are currently applicable and subject to change based on SSA regulations.

A W-4 claiming "exempt" from tax withholding will expire if a new form is not completed before February 15 of the following year. In the absence of a new form, the IRS stipulates that payroll be taxed as if the employee is single with zero exemptions.

Contact Payroll

310 Howell-McDowell
Morehead, KY 40351

PHONE: 606-783-2145
FAX: 606-783-5066