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Worker's Compensation

Morehead State University is committed to making the workplace a safe and healthy environment, preventing on-the-job accidents, and the treatment, care and rehabilitation of employees injured on the job. In accordance with State workers' compensation law, the University participates in a fully insured plan for work-related accidents, which is administered by Kentucky Employers' Mutual Insurance (KEMI).

Workplace injuries are always costly to the individual worker in terms of time away from doing what he/she would like to do on and off the job. They are also costly to the University, both in terms of direct financial burdens and in the reduction of efficiency. Each of us has the responsibility to make the safety of ourselves and our co-workers a basic concern. This objective is fundamental to our well-being, as well as the effective operation of Morehead State University.

Every employee has the responsibility to prevent accidents and injuries by observing established working rules, following the direction of supervisors, practicing the principles taught in safety training, and by providing ideas on how our safety efforts might be further strengthened. Both MSU and its employees have the responsibility to comply with all federal, state and university regulations related to safety and health programs.

MSU intends to provide a safe environment for employees. It is also our intent to properly manage any incidents that occur to minimize injury and other forms of loss.

Any employee who suffers an accidental injury arising out of and in the course of employment or who contracts an occupational disease within the meaning of the Workers' Compensation Act is entitled to medical attention at the expense of the University. The injured employee is entitled to disability compensation, including a weekly compensation benefit for time lost.

For further information, contact HR at 606-783-2097.


All work-related injuries or illnesses must be reported immediately (or as soon as possible) to the employee's supervisor/department head by the employee or his/her representative. Delay in reporting job injuries or illness may result in the loss of benefits.

If you cannot report an incident to Human Resources immediately, please complete and return the First Report of Injury or Illness Form to Human Resources as soon as possible.

To ensure the timely payment of benefits, the employee is required to provide written notice of the accident/injury to Human Resources within five days of the occurrence of the accident/injury.

If the injury is not emergent in nature, the employee should immediately notify their supervisor and then visit the Office of Human Resources, 301 Howell-McDowell, to report the injury. If the injury requires treatment in an emergency room, the supervisor should report the injury to Human Resources as soon as possible.

Contact Human Resources

Human Resources

301 Howell-McDowell
Morehead, KY 40351

EMAIL: humanresources
PHONE: 606-783-2097

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