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About MSU PD

The mission of the Morehead State University Police Department is to preserve and protect the rights of citizens in the University community to live, work, and learn in an environment conducive to the discovery of knowledge and the pursuit of intellectual, creative, ethical and technical development. This is to be achieved by providing police services dedicated to the preservation of order, protection of students, faculty, staff, and the general public, prevention of crime and physical security of facilities and resources dedicated to the educational process.


  • 12 Sworn Police Officers
  • 4 Communication/Traffic Officers
  • 1 Traffic Control Specialist
  • 1 Public Safety Assistant
  • 1 Police Records Specialist
  • Work-study Students (Eagle Patrol)


The Morehead State University Police Department is a public safety and security department organized in accordance with KRS 164.950-KRS 164.980. Its police officers are Public Peace Officers Conservators of the Peace, serving at the pleasure and appointed by the MSU Board of Regents. In accordance with KRS 164.955 Morehead State University Police Officers have general police powers. The police officer possesses all of the Common Law and Statutory powers, privileges and immunities of Sheriffs.

Morehead State University Police Officials exercise police powers upon any real property owned or occupied by the institution, including streets passing through and adjacent thereto. These powers may be exercised in any county of the Commonwealth where Morehead State University owns or occupies property. In addition, MSU Police Officers have jurisdiction in Rowan County in accordance with an agreement signed by the Sheriff of Rowan county as provided for in KRS 164.955. Also MSU Police Officers have jurisdiction to conduct investigations anywhere in the Commonwealth, provided such investigations relate to criminal offenses which have occurred on property controlled by Morehead State University.

Morehead State University Police Officers must successfully complete a 22 week basic police training course conducted or approved by the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council. In addition, each year a police officer must complete a forty-hour in-service course conducted or approved by the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council.

MSU Police Officers assist and cooperate with other law enforcement agencies and officers within the surrounding areas of Morehead State University Property. The University Police provides and receives aid and assistance in accordance with the mutual aid policy of the University.

The City of Morehead Police have agreed to provide information concerning crimes at off-campus locations involving students and student organizations. On-campus jurisdiction is shared with the Kentucky State Police, Rowan County Sheriff, and the Morehead City Police Department.


The Communications Division of the Morehead State University Police Department is a part of the Administrative Services Division. This Unit handles all phone, radio, and referral calls for service. This includes traffic stops, field investigations, and all other radio traffic that an officer calls in a while out in the field.

Emergency calls (911) and non-emergency calls (606-783-2035) are received and prioritized. Calls of an immediate, life-threatening nature receive the highest priority. Officers are sent to or diverted from other calls when a higher priority response is required. A digital recording system allows immediate playback of all telephone and radio transmissions coming into the communications center – allowing Communications Officers to replay messages whenever necessary quickly. In addition, a Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) is used to assist hearing-impaired callers.

Employees of the Communications Unit are fully trained and certified by the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training. Initial certification training requires four weeks of classroom and practical exercises in all forms of emergency and routine public safety communications. Communications officers are then required to attend yearly in-service training, which offers many specialty-training areas such as hostage negotiations, domestic abuse, and critical call handling.


  • 2022 Accreditation Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police (also accredited in 1996, 2001, 2006, 2012, 2017)
  • 2011-2012 Morehead-Rowan County Chamber of Commerce Community Partners Award 
  • 2010, 2011 Highest Safety Rating in Kentucky  
  • May 2011 Morehead State University Student Government Association Award

Contact MSU PD

MSU Police Department

100 Laughlin Building
Morehead, KY 40351

For parking and traffic, email

PHONE: 606-783-2035
PHONE: Call 911 for emergencies.