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These policies help maintain the safety of employees and students on the MSU campus.

Alcohol and drugs are not condoned on campus. This does include sporting events and all other MSU-sponsored activities such as concerts, dances, etc.

There is a team approach to combating substance abuse involving the MSU Police Department, Student Success, and the University Counseling Center.

Periodic programs are presented to educate the community. Alcohol and drugs are specific topics during orientation programs for all new and transfer students. The specific policy for students, as outlined in the Eagle Handbook, is:

"No student, either singly or in concert with others, shall willfully: have in his or her possession or consume alcoholic beverages in public or on University-owned or controlled grounds or exhibit drunken behavior on University-owned or controlled property; use, possess, transfer or sell drug paraphernalia, marijuana, or any other legally controlled substance on University-owned or controlled property. "

University employees are covered in Personnel Policy PG 47-Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace.

Morehead State University has established the following policies and procedures to enhance the security of the campus community:

Academic and administrative buildings have normal operating hours posted on entrances. Persons remaining after the posted hours must have appropriate identification and authorization. Faculty and staff members are permitted within facilities 24 hours per day. Individual faculty/staff will be required to produce their Medeco key and a University ID card when so requested by members of the MSU Police Department. Students must obtain the approval of the Department Chairperson and possess an approved “After Hour Facility Utilization Authorization” slip. Students must have their copy of the slip and a valid University ID card in their possession and present the same upon request.

Residence halls normally permit entry through the main entrance and require key access after midnight Sunday-Thursday and 2 a.m. on weekends. The MSU Police Department employs student workers as "Student Cadets” to enhance residence-hall security by randomly patrolling during the hours of midnight until 5 a.m. The student cadets check security-related issues, including the security of doors and public areas. Anyone in a residence hall may be asked to show an MSU ID card to prove residency and their right to use the facilities. Failure to produce proper identification upon request of residence hall staff, MSU Police Department staff or any MSU staff member may result in disciplinary action.

Unauthorized persons are not permitted in the residence hall and should be reported to the residence hall staff or to the MSU Police Department (783-2035). If you believe a crime has been or is about to be committed, contact the MSU Police Department immediately. Specific guest and visitation policies are contained in the Eagle Handbook for students.

Campus safety and security surveys will be conducted twice annually (normally May and September). The Chief of Police and the Coordinator, Environmental Safety and Health or their designated representatives shall conduct a campus survey at night to determine lighting adequacy and needs. They will accomplish the survey on foot and make every effort to observe all possible routes used by the University community, including parking lots. A list of needs will be identified to the Vice President for Administration and Fiscal Services and the Director of Physical Plant. This survey will also cover shrubs, sidewalks, and other issues impacting the overall safety and security of the campus.

Contact MSU PD

MSU Police Department

100 Laughlin Building
Morehead, KY 40351

For parking and traffic, email

PHONE: 606-783-2035
PHONE: Call 911 for emergencies.