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Authorized Users Information

Morehead State University students can designate an individual as an "authorized user." This designation will give the individual electronic access to the information in the student's educational record. An authorized user may be granted access to Student Finance, Financial Aid, Student Notifications and Tax Information.  
This designation does not take the place of the protection afforded to the student under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Release of students’ non-directory educational records to parents and designated users is limited to what the student authorizes through the authorized user process or other explicit written consent. 

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Authorized Users

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Frequently Asked Questions

Users gain access by a student granting permission. Once the student assigns access within Self-Service, the designated individual will receive an email notification(s) indicating account creation and directions to complete the authorization process.

If an authorized user has an existing account, Self-Service is accessible through that site. If an authorized user does not have an existing MSU online account, they can use the MSU username and password (sent via email) to log in.

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The automatically generated email sent to your authorized user was copied to your (the student’s) MSU email address. Please forward this email to your authorized user’s correct email address or have the authorized user check their spam folder.

If your authorized user received a confirmation email without username and password information, that person must have an existing MSU online account and should log in using their account. To receive username/password assistance with a account, please call the OIT Help Desk at 606-783-4357.

For accounts that an authorized user has previously accessed, they can call the OIT Help Desk at 606-783-4357 for password reset assistance.

Yes. Authorized users can be assigned as authorized users for multiple students. This is particularly useful for siblings both attending Morehead State University.

Yes. Students who grant authorized user access have complete control over their access to their accounts.

A student can change the level of access or delete access for an authorized user by clicking on the pencil icon on the Active Authorized Users section of the View/Add Proxy Access screen, located within Self-Service.

No, there is no automatic notification sent when authorized user access is updated or deleted.

Select “Add another user” and enter all required demographic information. Make sure the email address is correct.

The student controls the information that an authorized user can view. If the authorized user can no longer see information, they should contact the student.

If an authorized user has a question about the functionality of authorized user access, they should first check the Authorized User FAQ. The OIT Help Desk (606-783-4357) can be called for assistance in setting up or activating access.

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