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Employee Administrative Information Account

An Administrative Information account is needed for employees who must input data, retrieve information or submit approvals for any of the following processes:

  • Class schedules, student inquiries, admissions applications, financial aid recording, registrations, payments and transcripts
  • Purchasing requests, budget lookups, vouchers
  • Personnel records and payroll stipends

To obtain an Administrative Information account, employees must complete the Understanding the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) online workshop.

Once the required training has been completed, access is assigned based upon pre-defined access roles. Additional security added to an individual's role-based access should be requested by the Department Chair/Supervisor by submitting a work request ticket via MyMSU. Information Technology will then obtain data custodial approval for the requested access.

OIT receives the notification of employee terminations from the Office of Human Resources (OHR) or the hiring department in the case of student workers. A termination date on an employee's record prohibits access to the Administrative Information account login beginning with the termination date. Notification of internal employee transfers (from one position or job department to another) is also received from OHR, and current access will be altered to reflect an employee's new role.  

If FERPA training requirements were previously met, the employee does not need to recertify training.

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