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Remote Work Information

Morehead State University (MSU) employees have access to a wide portfolio of technology solutions needed to facilitate and support remote work from off-campus locations.

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For further assistance, call the IT Help Desk at 606-783-4357.

Many MSU technology services are available securely via MyMoreheadState and do NOT require MSU VPN access. A few of these services include:

  • Blackboard
  • MSU Office 365 (Including MSU email)
  • Ellucian Colleague
  • Ellucian Self-Service
  • Ellucian Recruit
  • Many more services are available by logging into MyMoreheadState 

Yes, access to campus computers or network shares requires the installation of the MSU VPN client and Remote Desktop services on remote devices.

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The Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides a secure mechanism for remote connectivity through our Virtual Private Network (VPN) to safeguard Morehead State Users and digital resources. We have upgraded our VPN hardware, which will require a slightly altered connectivity method. The installation of the new application (GlobalProtect) must be completed remotely per security best practices and will be inaccessible from inside the campus network. 

The process will entail connecting to a website, downloading and installing the new application, and then entering your credentials to connect to the VPN with the application. We would also recommend that the old application (AnyConnect) be removed from your personal computer. Our Service Center staff can assist with the removal of the old application. We have prepared a How-To guide to assist in this process. 

View VPN Guide

Please contact our IT Service Desk if you have any questions about this process or if you encounter problems installing and connecting to the VPN. You may reach us in any of the following manners:

After a VPN connection is established, MSU computers and network shares can be accessed from remote devices using the Microsoft Remote Desktop application. A remote desktop should be set up if your work requires access to your work PC’s hard drive and network drives.

The process for connecting remotely is as follows:

  1. Ensure you have network connectivity
  2. Establish a VPN connection using Palo Alto/GlobalProtect
  3. Establish a Remote Desktop Session from your current machine to your on-campus computer. You will need the Computer hostname from your on-campus machine to complete this session.
  4. When finished, disconnect the remote desktop session
  5. Disconnect the VPN connection.

View VPN Guide


Please discuss this option with your supervisor and consult with the Office of Information Technology. If you plan to use a university-owned workstation remotely, VPN access is required to access the University network.

Cisco WebEx is the MSU enterprise collaboration and conferencing solution with access to faculty, staff and students. WebEx provides secure tools for online collaboration, messaging, whiteboarding, document storage, screen sharing and web video conferencing. WebEx is accessible within under “Campus Applications.”

A limited number of MSU-provided devices may be available to employees who must work remotely but do not currently have an MSU-provided laptop. Please note these devices are limited, and requests will be evaluated individually.

From your office phone:

  • Press the “Forward All” button
  • Enter 7, 1 and your 10-digit phone number in the dialog display.
  • Press the “Forward All” button again.

From a remote work location:

  • Connect to your MSU PC through VPN and Remote Desktop
  • From your desktop’s Cisco Jabber client Jabber logo
  • Select the phone control icon on the bottom left corner of the Jabber screen
  • Select “Forward calls to.”
  • Select among the listed numbers or
  • Select to enter a phone number (7+1+AC + phone number)

Contact the Help Desk

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PHONE: 606-783-4357
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