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Student Activities

As a Craft Academy student, you will have numerous opportunities to get involved in social activities that provide additional learning opportunities.

Getting Involved

As a Craft Academy student, you will have numerous opportunities to get involved in social activities that provide additional learning opportunities. Residence counselors will plan fun social activities exclusively for Craft Academy students like movies, picnics and small trips. MSU offers many opportunities for you to be actively involved in campus life.

You will be able to participate in many MSU-sponsored activities that include clubs, faith-based organizations, marching band, symphony band, jazz ensemble, concert choir, Chamber singers, Black Gospel Ensemble, Operaworks, plays, student government, intramurals, prom and community service activities, just to name a few. Participation in Greek life and intercollegiate sports are the only organizations and activities closed for participation.

Morehead State University is always working to organize annual events like Family Weekend and our Homecoming celebration, along with concerts, comedians, guest speakers, community service opportunities, numerous music, theatre and dance productions and other social events throughout the year.

Personal transportation

A lot of Craft Academy students will be newly-licensed drivers. You are allowed to have a vehicle on campus for weekend home visits, however, Craft Academy has a specific set of rules for student drivers. Plus, since everything you need is within walking distance, a vehicle isn’t really necessary.


We realize that as fun and engaging the Craft Academy can be you might miss home every once in a while. You can go home any weekend provided there is not a required activity. For those who choose to stick around for the weekend, resident counselors will plan exciting and adventurous activities.

In addition, joining clubs and attending the many activities and events at MSU provide a great opportunity to engage in campus life. Parents and visitors are always welcome at the Craft Academy. However, due to the rigorous classes, visitors should be mindful of your commitment to your academic success and schedule visits with that in mind.


One of the questions you might be asking yourself when considering applying for the Craft Academy is, “Wait…what about prom? I’m not going to miss prom, am I?!?” Don’t worry. The Craft Academy will host a prom each year.

Students will work collaboratively with the Craft Academy staff and student council in the planning of this event. You may also attend your home high school prom if you wish. In short, have your tuxedo or dress ready.

The Craft Academy also will host a graduation ceremony at the end of your senior year and you can additionally choose to participate in your home high school graduation.


Craft Academy students will have the opportunity to participate in study abroad trips. You'll have the chance to learn about other cultures and languages, with a STEM_X focus.

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