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Living on Campus

You’ve heard a lot about the vision of the Craft Academy and what your experience will be like inside the classroom – but let’s talk about what is one of the most fun and fundamental parts of being a Craft Academy student, getting to experience campus life at Morehead State University.

The idea of essentially attending college a full two years before your peers may be exciting to some and intimidating to others, and we are happy to give you some information about what might be your (and your family’s) biggest questions or concerns.


You will reside with other Craft Academy students in Grote-Thompson Hall under the supervision of the assistant director of residence life and resident counselors. Grote- Thompson Hall is centrally located in the heart of the beautiful MSU campus and designed to provide study areas equipped with computers, along with gathering areas for study groups, socializing, watching TV and recreational activities.

Anything you need will either be available in your residence hall or within a short walk on campus.


Once you have been invited to attend the Craft Academy, you will be asked to complete a survey of your interests. Staff will use the results to match you with a roommate of the same gender who shares similar interests.

If you know someone who has also been selected to attend the Academy, you may request him/her as a roommate. The Craft Academy believes living with a roommate will make for a positive experience.

While your classes will prepare you to become a 21st Century leader, scientist, doctor, inventor or business leader, the social aspect of the Craft Academy will help you learn acceptance, tolerance and the ability to work well with others.


While we want you to have fun at the Craft Academy, we also believe you should have time in the evenings to devote to your studies (it is why you are here, after all). Curfews will be in effect seven days a week.

For Craft Academy students, check-in and checkout policies and procedures, and curfew times will be strictly enforced and camera monitors also will be in place, allowing our students’ primary concern to be their academic success and social experience. Failure to adhere to these guidelines can result in probation and/or dismissal from the program.

Dining Options

At MSU, we offer great dining options. Our goal every day is to provide nutritious, exciting and delicious food served in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Recreation and Wellness

As a Craft student, you'll have access to MSU's Recreation & Wellness Center, for exercise & fitness. You'll also be able to utilize MSU's Counseling & Health Services.

Campus Safety

The Craft Academy makes student safety a priority. Morehead State's campus is ranked as one of the safest in the nation.


There's plenty to do outside the classroom at Craft Academy, from student organizations, to special events and intramural sports.

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