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Assessment Office

The Assessment Office oversees the daily operation of the Volgenau College of Education databases, which track candidates’ critical performances, program transition points, diversity experiences, program admission materials and data, field experience placements and records, clinical practice admission materials and data, Teacher Performance Assessments, and other student and program information and assessments. The primary responsibility of this office is to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the College of Education databases, including data input and output, technology management, and end-user training and support. The Assessment Office will provide support to the Volgenau College of Education faculty and staff by assisting with the creation of reports; ensuring that students, faculty, staff, clinical faculty, and P-12 classroom supervisors are trained in the proper use of the Folio180 database; developing and implementing policies to guide data entry, and making sure that the databases effectively capture candidate and program information and generate accurate data and analytical reports.

Assessment Administrators

Leah Rucker
Office: 203 Ginger Hall
Phone: 606-783-9352

Kristie Williams
Office: 100 Ginger Hall
Phone: 606-783-2731

The Teacher Education Council (TEC)

The Teacher Education Council (TEC) is the governing body of teacher education at Morehead State University. MSU views teacher education as the responsibility of both the Volgenau College of Education and the academic disciplines in the other colleges. Every faculty member who teaches prospective teachers, no matter what his/her discipline, should see teacher education as a significant part of his/her responsibilities. In addition, every academic department outside the Volgenau College of Education that has programs leading to teacher certification should have at least one faculty member who is formally designated as a "content-based teacher educator" and who is responsible for keeping his/her department abreast of issues of pedagogy and licensure.

The TEC recommends requirements that govern our Teacher Education Programs, advises appropriate units of the University of teacher education policies, monitors data assessment, and provides leadership in early childhood, elementary, middle, 5-12, P-12 and secondary education reform. The TEC meets on the first Wednesday of the month. Membership consists of at least one representative from each of the following stakeholders: the Professional Education Unit, public school administrators, undergraduate and graduate candidates, public school teachers, regional community colleges, and a community member. The dean of the Volgenau College of Education solicits nominations for the public school and community representatives and appoints Professional Education Unit representatives based on input from the other MSU deans. The intention is to ensure that representation from appropriate stakeholder groups is in attendance at all meetings.

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