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Tuition Reduction-Graduate Programs in Education

The Morehead State University Volgenau College of Education is offering a reduced tuition rate to all Kentucky school teachers and other educators enrolled in courses within our College of Education.

Reduced Tuition & Easy Transfer

MSU has a long, proud history of educating teachers. We were founded as Morehead Normal School and later became Morehead Teachers College before earning university status. We are educators, and we celebrate educators at all levels.

  • Through 2025, MSU will be discounting graduate tuition on all 600-level courses within the Volgenau College of Education. The rate for the next five years will be the same as our undergraduate tuition rate which is currently $397 per credit hour. See MSU Tuition and Fees.
  • Easy admission and transfer of credit to MSU. Apply Now to graduate programs at MSU.
  • Online courses and programs for ease of completion.

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

Advanced Teacher Preparation, Including Online Options Where Applicable

Master of Arts in Education- Teacher Leader: Biology, business and marketing with content and technology concentrations, English, fifth-year, gifted education, IECE, interdisciplinary P-5, literacy specialist, mathematics, middle grades 5-9, school community leader, social studies, special education and alternate area of emphasis.

Endorsement Programs & Certifications

Classes with these prefixes qualify: EDAH, EDEC, EDEL, EDF, EDGC, EDIL, EDMG, EDSE, EDSL, EDSP, EDTC, EDTL, EDUC, and IECE.

NOTE: MSU’s base tuition rate is determined annually once the Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE) approves the recommendations from the University. The reduction will still remain in effect for the next five years. The reduced tuition rate does not apply to the 800-level Doctor of Education courses or to out-of-state students.

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Graduate Admissions Advising

Michelle Emrick
Graduate Admissions Specialist

Ollie Floyd
Graduate Advising Center Coordinator

MAT Advising

Duane Lambert
Instructor of Education/MAT Program Coordinator

Marian Sims
Instructor of Education/MAT Assistant Program Coordinator

College of Education Graduate Programs

Tim Simpson
Interim Associate Dean and Professor, Volgenau College of Education

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