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(CA-1 Application)

Program completers will obtain teacher certification by completing the following steps:

  1. Activate Kentucky Educator Credentialing System (KECS) account.
  2. Send a final and official transcript to the EPSB. Transcript(s) will be posted in the Degree section of the applicant’s KECS account
  3. Send all Praxis assessment results to the EPSB. Scores will be posted in the Assessments section of the applicant’s KECS account. Praxis assessments for each program are found on the Praxis Kentucky Test Requirements webpage
  4. Initiate an initial certification application (CA-1) on KECS.
Instructions for certification application will be distributed at the final clinical practice seminar.

Applications will be processed by:
Leah Rucker
Teacher Education Program Coordinator/Certification Officer
203B Ginger Hall
Morehead State University Morehead, KY 40351

The certification officer will review the application for accuracy, verify all PRAXIS scores, and complete the recommendation before application submission to the EPSB for final verification and issuance of the certificate. If the applicant does not complete his/her program at the end of the clinical practice semester and/or pass all required PRAXIS tests, the application will not be approved until the applicant notifies the certification officer of his/her program and/or testing requirement completion.