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Field Experience Guidelines

The Office of Quality Assurance and Accreditation coordinates the placement of university students in education programs at designated sites in our clinical experience and clinical practice network. Morehead State University's clinical experiences represent the core of our education preparation program and serve as a vital part of all professional education courses. Classes requiring clinical experiences provide a wide range of opportunities for teacher candidates. Each semester the Office of Quality Assurance and Accreditation makes approximately 14,000 hours of clinical experience placements, which span from foundations to advanced methods courses. Clinical experiences are designed to provide teacher candidates with opportunities to view the entire scope of teaching in a classroom setting and to develop the skills and self-confidence necessary to be effective teachers. These carefully planned clinical experiences are woven into every aspect of the Teacher Education Program curriculum. Teacher Candidates must fulfill state and university certification requirements and clinical experience requirements prior to clinical practice.  

Field Experience is an integral part of each course in which it is assigned. In order to receive field experience credit for experiences and hours, candidates must pass field experience courses with a grade of C or higher. Candidates who receive a D or E in a field experience course must repeat the course AND the field experience. Candidates must also complete the required field experience to pass the course.

Field Experience Compliance

To participate in any field experience, students must complete a background check and CAN Check. Both checks are online submissions with the background check costing $27.50 and the CAN Check costing $10, payable via a credit/debit card. A confidentiality agreement is also required. All documents and instructions are located/submitted in Blackboard. Students will receive access once they are enrolled in a course requiring field experience. This is a one-time cost. These three documents are valid for field experiences until student teaching.

Transfer Field Experience

Clinical experience completed at other higher education institutions can be accepted. The experiences must be:

  • Less than 10 years old.
  • Associated with a course approved for the program.
  • Verifiable with documentation. The candidate is responsible for providing verification and supporting documentation.

Transfer Field Experience Form 

EDUC 240

Students may complete up to 50 field experience hours by taking EDUC 240. Your success in the course will be determined by your ability to read and follow directions established for this course carefully. This course is a 1 hour, pass/fail course.