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Field Experience Guidelines

Field experiences are a necessary part of the teaching curriculum required by Morehead State University and the Kentucky Department of Education.

Field experiences are a necessary part of the teaching curriculum required by Morehead State University and the Kentucky Department of Education. It is important that MSU students contribute to a positive learning environment in the schools by:

  • Be responsible for attending all scheduled field hours.
  • Note: Middle and high schools operate on a bell schedule. MSU students will not be permitted to enter a classroom after the bell rings to start a class period.
  • Obey the District dress code at all times. Improper student dress or student behavior may cause scheduled field experience for a student to be terminated.
  • Maintain student confidentiality – students' names and personalities should not be discussed. MSU students must have a signed Confidentiality Agreement on file in the Field Experience Office.
  • MSU students should wear their MSU ID card so it can be visibly seen at all times.
  • Turn off cell phones during all field experience activities.
  • Remember: MSU students are guests in the school and YOU represent yourself as well as MSU.
  • A background and CAN check must be completed prior to entering any school for clinical field experience.
  • Always notify the school if you are unable to attend your scheduled clinical field experience.
  • MSU students should never park in the "Visitors” or "Reserved” parking spaces near the front of school entrances.  
  • Parking at Rowan Co. Senior High School - The Mc Brayer Elementary parking lot closest to the high school may be the best parking option for students going to the high school.    
  • Rowan Co. Middle School: park in the parking lot to the right as you enter.

How do I schedule Clinical (Field) Experience hours?

You will schedule your clinical field experience hours with Michelle Roberts in 801 Ginger Hall at the direction of your course instructor.

Absence: Students are responsible for scheduling a make-up date for missed field hours. Please be responsible and respectful to the classroom teacher and only reschedule for the following reasons:

  • Severe Illness
  • Death in the family
  • Accident
  • Appropriate as determined by your university instructor

 To reschedule a missed field experience please email Alicia Day at or stop by 801 Ginger Hall.

Students are NEVER allowed to call a Rowan County school to schedule a field experience. All field hours are to be scheduled through Michelle Roberts in 801 Ginger Hall. Failure to follow this procedure could terminate all field hours for that particular course. 

Observations in Schools Outside Rowan County

  • Students may schedule their own observations in schools OUTSIDE the Rowan County School District, but students must receive permission from their MSU Instructor. 
  • The completed Field Experience Verification Form will serve as documentation for the instructor.
  • Obtain the Field Experience Verification Form from the Instructor or the Teacher Education Services office (801 Ginger Hall).