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BIG Math at MSU

BIG Math helps mathematics students connect what they will learn in the classroom with the real world, and the University needs your help.

What is BIG Math?

Mathematics in Business, Industry and Government (BIG Math) is a program designed to teach students of mathematics how to apply their skills through real-world problem-solving. Students will be presented with a hypothetical problem faced by local and regional companies, organizations and governmental entities, and will work in small groups to come up with solutions. Big Math is intended to show MSU students, especially those majoring in mathematics) that there are careers available to them in business, industry and government.

How the program works

Companies and other organizations that participate in the program will be expected to provide a problem they are facing, or a data set for the group to work with. The problem should not be a vital or “critical” matter. Someone from the group or organization will meet with student teams, in-person or online, for periodic update presentations and question-and-answer sessions.

BIG Math programs at other schools have provided data mining, graph theory and operations research opportunities and geometry and probability data to participating organizations.

Benefits to participating organizations

While there is no guarantee the students will reach a solution that is feasible in every instance, participation in the BIG Math program could help you solve an issue your organization is facing. Not only that, but you could also find students who can intern at your company and candidates for employment with your company after they graduate.


Mike Dobranski, Associate Professor of Mathematics
202D Lappin Hall
Morehead, KY 40351