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Master of Music, M.M.


Choose from concentrations in music education or performance.


Master of Music MM


Face-to-Face (Music Education is online)




30 hours

What You’ll Learn in The Program

The music performance concentration focuses on the skills needed to be a professional musician. The music education program combines education courses with advanced music courses that prepare you for a career as a music teacher.

What You Can Do with a Master of Music Degree

With our performance concentration, you can become a professional musician and play in a band, as a solo artist or as a session musician. Our music education program prepares you for a career as a music teacher in Kentucky’s public and private schools.

Admission to the MM program

  1. General admission to graduate study at Morehead State
  2. Graduate Music Program Admission Requirements and How to Apply
  3. Entrance and Exit Exams

The Kodály Institute of Kentucky

Kodály I, II and III programs of music study can be taken for graduate work toward a master’s program or for professional development. The programs address both national and state music standards, including Kentucky Content Standards. Kodály involves an integration of ideas, techniques and approaches to develop music training programs. It is a hands-on, experience-based approach to teaching music and is recognized as the most comprehensive and advanced training for music professionals.

Morehead State University's Music program is accredited through the National Association of Schools of Music.

The Master of Music - Performance program focuses on developing students’ (stakeholders’) individual talents, interests, and philosophies which can be used creatively to preserve and extend cultural heritage; professional competence in performance interpretation and evaluation of knowledge; scholarly competence in the organization, interpretation, and evaluation of knowledge; professional competence in the communication and dissemination of knowledge; and the ability to solve contemporary problems in various aspects of music. This clearly supports all five elements of MSU’s mission.

The Master of Music - Music Education degree program seeks to develop individual talents, interests, and philosophies among students (stakeholders) that contributes to preserve and extend cultural heritage; develop professional competence in performance; hone scholarship and research skills; evaluate and maintain pedagogical abilities; and solve contemporary problems in various aspects of music. This supports MSU’s mission to engage in scholarship and educate students for success in a global environment.

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