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Traditional Music Studies, B.A.


Learn about mountain music in the traditional music studies program.


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)






4 Years

Curriculum Map

What You'll Learn in the Traditional Music studies program

You'll learn about the rich history of traditional mountain music, including bluegrass, folk, old-time, gospel and other genres. Throughout the year, you'll also learn to perform traditional music through personalized instruction and performance opportunities.

What You Can Do with a traditional music studies degree

You'll be trained as a skilled performer, and there are opportunities in music education and the music industry in recording studios, production and sound engineering.

What Makes Morehead State's Program Different

We have many skilled musicians in our faculty who tour with regionally and nationally recognized artists. Their experience as professional musicians gives them unique lessons to pass on to their students.

Admission to the traditional music studies program

To enroll in the traditional music studies program, you must be accepted to Morehead State University.

In addition, those interested in the traditional music program must showcase their musical abilities by auditioning for it.

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