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MSU at Mt. Sterling

Morehead State University’s Mt. Sterling campus offers an excellent education in an intimate classroom environment. MSU at Mt. Sterling features a dedicated state-of-the-art nursing lab, a computer lab with network printers and convenient computer stations throughout campus.

Students choose to study at a regional campus for a variety of reasons. Many are working full- or part-time. Some are single parents. Others are working to improve their job opportunities or simply want to live at home while earning a college degree. Students may choose to complete select associate and bachelor’s degree programs at the center. Students can start their general education courses in Mt. Sterling and then continue their education at MSU's main campus in Morehead if major courses are unavailable.

An Adult Education and Career Center is located at 540 Woodford Drive in Mt. Sterling. They provide literacy training, preparation for the GED examination and English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. In addition, they provide preparation for ACT tests which are needed to be admitted to colleges and universities. For more information, call 859-499-0760.

Contact MSU at Mt. Sterling

Dr. Chris Miller

3400 Indian Mound Drive
Mt. Sterling, KY 40353

PHONE: 859-499-0780