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MSU at Mt. Sterling Advisory Board

MSU at Mt. Sterling's Advisory Board is comprised of citizens from the service area who volunteer their time. They are appointed by MSU's president to help MSU at Mt. Sterling establish and maintain positive relationships with the public and to assist in resource development. This board meets quarterly, and members include:

  • Mayor Al Botts, Mt. Sterling
  • Rep. Sannie Overly, Paris 
  • Sandy Romenesko, Mt. Sterling 
  • Nancy Hutchinson, Owingsville 
  • David Points, Mt. Sterling 
  • Judy Byron, Owingsville 
  • Keith Gannon, Mt. Sterling  
  • John Karaus, Mt. Sterling 
  • Cay Lane, Mt. Sterling 
  • James McCarty, Mt. Sterling 
  • David Rhodes, Mt. Sterling 
  • Rev. Lowell Rice, Owingsville
  • Chris Peck, Mt. Sterling
  • Michael Tate, Stanton
  • Rep. David Hale, Wellington
  • Bruce Manley, Winchester
  • Russ Ward, Morehead
  • Harvey Tackett, Owingsville
  • Senator Ralph Alvarado, Winchester
  • Matthew Thompson, Mt. Sterling
  • Tim Spencer, Frenchburg
  • Amy Baker, Paris
  • Rebecca Morton, Mt. Sterling
  • Paul Christy, Winchester

Contact MSU at Mt. Sterling

Dr. Chris Miller

3400 Indian Mound Drive
Mt. Sterling, KY 40353

PHONE: 859-499-0780