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Types of Financial Aid

Together, loans, grants, scholarships, and other resources can help you pay for your Morehead State education. Learn about different kinds of financial aid and what they can mean for you.

Understanding Aid Offers

Most Morehead State students receive some form of financial aid. We determine your eligibility based on your FAFSA results (and, in the case of scholarships, your application for admission).

Financial aid offers are tailored to each student’s individual circumstances and needs. Our financial aid counselors can help you understand and manage your aid.

Here’s a guide to the most common aid types:

Grants usually do not need to be repaid. They commonly go to students who demonstrate financial need.

Examples include College Access Program (CAP) Grants available to students from Kentucky, need-based federal Pell Grants, and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants.

Learn more about grants.

Loans are educational funds that you (or your parents) borrow. They usually need to be repaid with interest once you graduate or pause your education.

Many students take out educational loans, but they should be your last resource. Be careful not to borrow more than you need.

You can apply for a variety of loans, including subsidized loans for students with financial need. Loans may come from the federal government, banks, or other sources.

Learn more about loans.

U.S. military veterans, active duty servicemembers, and their families are eligible for a variety of financial aid programs, including GI Bill funding.

Learn more about military-connected funding.

Student employment lets you gain experience while earning money for college expenses.

Some student jobs are available only to students with Federal Work Study Awards, which may be part of your financial aid package. Other jobs are open to all students and are not directly tied to your financial aid.

Use MSU Applicant Portal to search for student employment opportunities.

Learn more about student employment.

Scholarships recognize academic achievement, financial need, or other factors. They do not need to be repaid.

Morehead State automatically reviews scholarship eligibility based on your application for admission. We award scholarships funded by the university, the MSU Foundation, and individual departments.

We also maintain lists of scholarships from external sources. The university does not manage these programs—they usually require separate application processes.

Learn more about scholarships.

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