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Morehead State University Student Body, 

In an organized and concerted effort to best represent the student body and to make the college experience the best it can be, the SGA Executive Board has taken its yearly initiative to create a strategic plan. In our efforts to serve as the voice of the student body on a wide array of issues, the Student Government Association recognizes that representation requires a high level of outreach, promotion, and student engagement. Morehead State University should provide students with new relationships, learning experiences, and community. We seek to accomplish this purpose by promoting diversity and inclusion, fostering school spirit, and bringing students into a position to advocate for themselves. We hope that this document will allow our mission and goals to remain front and center of our work and will provide accountability to SGA on behalf of the student body. 

The Student Government Association 2023-24 Executive Board 
President: Presley Boyer 
Vice President: Clayton Anderson 
Secretary of Internal Affairs: Tess Ruehrmund 
Secretary of Public Relations: Brady Lawson 
Secretary of Campus Involvement: Emma Sherman 


  • We will work to bridge the gap between the Morehead State campus and the Morehead community through external partnerships, community engagement events, and promoting civic participation. 
  • The SGA will host on-campus events throughout the year, such as the annual Fall Festival and the annual Student Choice Awards. On top of that, we will participate in other organizations’ events as much as possible, such as Eagle Fest and philanthropy events. 
  • Through our funding packet application, we will provide student organizations with funds to help them host events of their own and increase member participation. 
  • We will work closely with the Campus Activities Board, as well as the rest of the Student Affairs sector, to adequately plan any programming around already scheduled events. 
  • Utilizing our social media, we will do our best to promote events hosted by the CAB and other MSU-sponsored organizations to help spread the word and increase student engagement. 
  • SGA will work with campus and student-led media to promote our efforts and provide periodic updates concerning the work SGA is doing. Meanwhile, we will make a concerted effort to promote our student-led media, including MSU TV and The Trail Blazer. 


  • We will continue to utilize a section of our partnership's budget to contribute to the Student Health Fund, which assists students lacking medical insurance with paying for doctor’s visits at MSU’s Health Services. 
  • SGA acknowledges that there is more that can be done in terms of providing spaces for students to relax and escape the typical stresses of college life. To that end, we will undertake student-centered projects designed to provide more adequate and accessible recreational spaces on campus. 
  • SGA has the resources to effectively spread the word about important information on campus. We will keep an accurate, timely list of available resources on campus accessible to students in various ways.  Additionally, we will continue to utilize this by creating flyers and social media posts making students more aware of the mental health resources available to them on and off campus. 
  • We will also seek to promote the physical health of students through the Morehead State University Recreation and Wellness Center as well as working with Dining Services to address student concerns. 
  • SGA has worked with University administration in the past to ensure that vegan and vegetarian options are available to students. We will continue to advocate for options to accommodate student needs. 


  • Morehead State University houses the Eagle Diversity Education Center. SGA will be collaborating with EDEC, like we have in years past, to spread their initiative across campus and assist them with programming and events if need be. 
  • The Diversity & Inclusion Committee is one of SGA’s ad-hoc committees. We will utilize this committee to host relevant events such as tabling and round tables to bring attention to minority groups and their needs across MSU’s campus. 
  • SGA will make it a priority to bring more under-represented minorities into the decision-making structure at MSU. 
  • Our Public Relations sector of SGA will utilize our resources to create flyers and posts to draw attention to DEI-related university groups on campus and spread awareness of any events being held. 


  • SGA will seek to empower student voice in decision-making structures at all levels of Morehead State University by giving students access to university administration, faculty, and staff. 
  • We will seek to institutionalize student representation within college committees to better reflect the wants and needs of students within particular colleges, departments, and majors. 
  • The SGA Congress provides students a body to voice their opinion to in search of a timely resolution. However, we acknowledge that not all students are comfortable with attending Student Congress meetings. Therefore, we will promote students elected to SGA Congress for their constituents to contact and encourage members of SGA to seek out their constituents’ input. 
  • The Kentucky Board of Student Body Presidents hosts the annual Rally for Higher Education at the Kentucky Capitol. There, university students are given the opportunity to advocate for their educational needs to our state legislators. MSU will participate in this and take a select number of SGA members to advocate on behalf of our university. 
  • The SGA President serves on the Kentucky Board of Student Body Presidents. This board works with each other and the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education to address state-wide higher education needs and relay this information to universities. The MSU SGA President will communicate with the rest of the SGA, as well as the whole student body, regular updates of the missions of the KBSBP. 

The Student Government Association Executive Board would like to remind the student body that we are always a resource to them. No matter how big or small, we are open to hearing ALL students’ voices and concerns. Please feel free to reach out to us via our email,, our Instagram, @moreheadstatesga, or by stopping by our office in ADUC 222. You can also contact the SGA President, Presley Boyer, at Have a great year, Eagles! 

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