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Campus Services

If you have a request for specific work please use SchoolDude to file a work request.

  • Clean all academic, administrative and research buildings on campus, including waste removal, floor care, restroom sanitation and some types of requested set ups for special events.
  • Check lights daily and replace defective bulbs as needed.
  • Recycling removal.
  • Perform other specific tasks as assigned by the custodial supervisor.
  • Mop entire area once per week. Spot sweep and mop as needed. 
  • Empty trash, replace liner and disinfect twice per week. 
  • Clean white boards and chalk boards once per week.
  • Clean restrooms, including sinks, toilets, urinals. Restock paper products and soap, mop, Kaivac, clean mirrors and stall walls/doors. 
  • Wipe down tables and desks once per week. 
  • Sweep and pick-up trash outside of building entryways.
  • Unlock entry doors at 7 a.m.
  • Report maintenance issues.
  • Vacuum offices, classrooms and common areas once weekly. 
  • Clean entryway windows daily.
  • Clean inside and outside of doors. This includes entry doors, which will be done daily. Classroom and office doors will be cleaned once per week. 
  • Respond to custodial emergencies as needed. 
  • Snow and ice removal as needed. 
  • Water fountains will be cleaned daily. 
  • Dust all flat surfaces one time per week. 
  • Dust high areas once every other week. 
  • Spot clean walls, only as needed. 
  • Spot clean carpet, only as needed.

  • Any unscheduled or non-recycling cleaning such as carpet shampooing, floor waxing or floor stripping or set-ups for events is considered a departmental charge.
  • If you have a request for the custodial division such as changing light bulbs, do not leave a note for the custodians. Work orders must be filed in SchoolDude

Grounds and Landscaping embraces the maintenance of the campus grounds, the operation and repair of grounds equipment, maintenance of landscaping and the preservation of the roads, parking lots and sidewalks on University property. In addition to cutting grass, trimming hedges and pruning trees, Grounds and Landscaping maintains all mowers, trucks and other mechanical and hydraulic equipment such as street sweepers, snow removal equipment and large tractor gang mowers.

Sanitation Services 

In order to keep the campus clean, attractive and free of litter, it is essential that an effective system of trash collection and removal be in place. Facilities Management has two large sanitation vehicles which empty over 50 large dumpsters throughout campus. These dumpsters are only to be used for the collection and disposal of waste materials from inside the buildings. Objects such as metals, wood, tires, etc., should not be placed in these dumpsters because they will damage the compactor of the truck. If you have items that cannot be placed in the large dumpsters, call the Service Response Center and arrangements will be made to remove the items. Sanitation vehicle drivers are required to have a commercial driver's license for the operation of equipment.

Faculty, staff and students can use motor pool vehicles for official University business. We serve research, academic and administrative departments as well as all student organizations (as authorized by the Student Organization Finance Office). The Facilities Management maintenance garage services all fleet vehicles. Travel expense vouchers, travel request forms, travel Manuals, and mileage rate tables are available. For more information, or to request a vehicle, contact Procurement Services at 606-783-2737.

Requests for moving services may be obtained through facilities management at 606-783-2066.

Requests for pest control issues may be directed to the Service Response Center at 606-783-2066. This department provides the following services to buildings on campus:

  • Monthly inspection and proper treatment of all public areas, such as restrooms, kitchens and entry ways.
  • Monthly inspections and proper treatment in housing apartments.
  • Daily inspection of campus grounds for insects, bees, rodents, etc.
  • Annual inspection and treatment of student housing.
  • Monthly treatment outside buildings to prevent insects from entering the buildings.
  • Treatment of all areas following federal, state and local laws.
  • Treatment of all other areas upon request from building occupants.

Contact Information

Office of Facilities Management

180 Martindale Drive
Morehead, KY 40351

PHONE: 606-783-2066
FAX: 606-783-2213