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Construction Estimate Requests

Facilities Management Construction Services and Engineering Department will prepare cost estimates for departments. These are conceptual estimates of the cost of completed jobs, which can help determine if your department has the funds to proceed with the work.

How to Request an Estimate

Request an estimate online by filling out an Estimate Request Form. Include the following information:

  • A description and location of the work.
  • Required completion date if any.
  • The name and phone number of your department's contact person.

Except for very complex projects, or where the scope of work is not clearly defined, Facilities Management Construction Services and Engineering Department's policy is to return a written estimate to the requesting department within 30 working days after the scope of the work is finalized.

Estimating Cost and Standards

A number of factors can significantly increase the cost of a project. These include the standards with which Facilities Management Construction Services and Engineering Department must comply: 

Work must comply with all state and federal regulations.

Commercial-grade building materials must be used.

Contractors must be established and reputable, with adequate liability and workmen's compensation insurance coverage.

A contingency amount is added to cover the cost of unforeseen circumstances. Contingency funds may not be used for changes in a project's scope, and any unused contingency funds will be returned to the sponsoring department.

If the estimate is too high for your department's budget, we can discuss the scope of work with you to investigate less expensive alternatives. Facilities Management Construction Services and Engineering Department is responsible for constructing, renovating, remodeling and maintaining all University facilities to ensure we achieve high standards of safety, quality, accountability and maintainability.

Proceeding with or Changing a project

Proceeding with a project 

If you decide to proceed with the work, please send an email to regarding your estimate and request an account number.

When an account number is set up, you will be notified, and the requester must do a budget transfer of the estimated amount into the new account number.

Once the transfer is received, the estimate will be turned into a project, and you will be contacted to set up a schedule for the work to begin. 

Send your request as soon as possible

Please route your request through Facilities Management with as much lead time as possible to allow for necessary analysis and review to assure code compliance.

If you are planning to have major work done during the summer months (our busiest time of the year), we urge you to contact us no later than January. 

Change a project's scope 

If your department makes any changes to the scope of work being done, an authorized person within your department will be asked to sign off on a change order which may increase the cost of the project.

Contact Information

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PHONE: 606-783-2066
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