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Recycling & Waste

MSU takes a number of steps to promote recycling and responsible waste disposal across campus.

  • MSU has more than 100 outdoor beverage recycling containers on our campus grounds.
  • All residence hall rooms are equipped with multi-recycler bins and on campus residents are provided recycling information postcards at the beginning of the fall semester.
  • Academic buildings have compartment recycling containers.
  • Earthwise Eagles provides new students with reusable water bottles during SOAR days.
  • Facilities has installed several new water bottle refill stations on campus to encourage the use of refillable water bottles.
  • MSU expanded its recycling program in 2014 to include household batteries, cell phones, printer cartridges, pens, pencils and markers.
  • The Office of Environmental Health and Safety ensures the University is following all federal, state and local regulations related to air, water and waste pollution and manages the safe storage and disposal requirements of radiological, biological and chemical materials and responds to all hazardous leaks and spills to ensure proper mitigation and protection of the environment. EHS ensures all bulbs, lamps, batteries and motor oil are recycled properly for the University.
  • MSU has participated in Recyclemania annually since 2014 to engage students about the importance of recycling and waste minimization.
  • MSU supports the local Morehead Community Recycling Center through an inter-local agreement with Rowan County and the City of Morehead, providing financial support, board members and all of MSU recyclables collected on campus.

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