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Grade Reporting

Final grades are entered through Self-Service within the MyMoreheadState portal. Please note that late grades delay graduation and end-of-semester processing. Grades should be entered by the published deadline.


  1. Log into your account and select Self-Service.
  2. From the Self-Service main menu, select the “Faculty” button to access class rosters, attendance and grade recording. A list of your courses for the semester will be displayed.
  3. Select the desired course section to access the Section Details page for a particular class. A class roster, attendance and grading tab will be available on the Section Detail screen.
  4. Select the Grading tab.
  5. Under the Grading tab, select the Final or Midterm grade link.
  6. Enter the grade for each student by typing the grade or selecting the grade from the drop-down menu.
    • If you assign a final grade of “E” for a student, you must enter the student's last date of attendance.
    • If you assign a final grade of “U” for a student, you must enter the student's last date of attendance or click on the checkbox next to his/her name under the “Never Attended” column. (The grade of U should be assigned if the student stopped participating in the course prior to the last day to withdraw and did not officially withdraw, or in the opinion of the instructor, did not complete enough of the course work for academic performance to be evaluated. If the student attended more than 60% of the course but did not earn a passing grade, the student has earned a failing grade of “E.” (Note: The date used for 60% is the last day to drop a full-term class or withdraw from all classes.)   
  7. Once you have entered a grade for all students, you are finished!

Grades can be changed anytime during the designated open window for grade entry. After the close of grade entry, a grade change form must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar. Students will receive an “X” grade on their transcript until a grade change has been processed. An “X” grade has the same effect on the GPA as a failing grade, which can delay graduation, veteran benefits, dean’s list eligibility, transcript processing, academic probation, and more.

Explanation of Undergraduate & Graduate Grades

Grade Explanation
A Excellent — Valued at four quality points per semester hour.
B Good — Valued at three quality points per semester hour.
C Average — Valued at two quality points per semester hour.
D Below average — Valued at one quality point per semester hour.
E Failure — No semester hours earned and no quality points. This grade is given to a student who completed the course and earned a failing grade.
I Incomplete — Given only when, because of extenuating circumstances, the student cannot complete course requirements by the end of the term, but probably can do so if given an extension by one-half semester. If the course requirements are not completed by midterm of the next semester, the "I" will be changed to a failing grade. See UAR 108 for additional information.
IP In progress — May only be assigned to 670 (Directed Research), 699 (Thesis) or 676 (Directed Study) Courses.
K Credit, pass-fail course — Semester hours earned; no quality points; not computed in GPA. This grade is given when a student passes a pass-fail course.
N Failure, pass-fail course — No quality points; computed in GPA and used in undergraduate grading only.
R Course repeated — Replaces original grade for repeated course; not computed in GPA.
U Unofficial withdrawal — Computed as credits attempted; computed as zero quality points in GPA calculation. Given to a student who stopped attending the course, did not complete the course and did not officially withdraw from the course.
W Withdrew officially — No hours attempted; not computed in GPA.
WY Withdrawal from audit class — Not computed in GPA.
Y Audit credit — No hours attempted; not computed in GPA; not applicable to degree program.

Note: The grades K and N are restricted to students who opt to take a course with a pass-fail option. The pass-fail option is restricted and applicable only to free elective courses or specific courses identified for a major or minor used for competency evaluation (i.e., those courses not required for the area, major, minor or general education requirements). These courses must be approved by the dean’s office where the course is housed and sent to the Office of the Registrar for registration. 

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