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Academic Issues Committee

The Academic Issues Committee is concerned with policies, regulations, and other issues that affect faculty and instructional effectiveness. Specific areas of concern include:

  1. Admission
  2. Registration
  3. Academic integrity
  4. Classroom conditions
  5. Evaluation of instructional effectiveness
  6. Graduation requirements
  7. General education
  8. Special academic programs, e. g., Honors Program, provisional studies, Regional Campus Programs, etc.
  9. Academic calendar issues
  10. Student regulations
  11. The Committee Chair is a voting member of the General Education Council and regularly reports to Faculty Senate about GEC actions.

Current Members

  • Chair Annie Adams (HUM)
  • Christy Boggs (LIB)
  • Nettie Brock (HUM)
  • Michele Cudd (COE)
  • Ben Morris (HUM)
  • Joshua Qualls (COS)
  • Donovan Ross (COS)
  • Qingzhou Xu (COB)