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Faculty Welfare & Concerns Committee

The Faculty Welfare and Concerns Committee is concerned with policies, regulations and practices that affect faculty status, working conditions, promotion, evaluation, benefits and compensation. Specific areas of concern include:

  1. Faculty recruitment and qualifications
  2. Tenure and promotion
  3. Workload, overload and compensation
  4. Procedures to ensure academic freedom and resolve faculty grievances
  5. Faculty development
  6. Retrenchment
  7. Sabbatical and Educational leaves of absence
  8. University finances affecting faculty and institutional effectiveness
  9. The processes of selection, retention, and reaffirmation of academic administrators.
  10. The Committee Chair is a member of the Employee Benefits Committee and regularly reports to Faculty Senate about EBC actions.


  • Chair Stephen Brigham (COB)
  • Cheng-Cheng (COB)
  • Benjamin Fitzpatrick (HUM)
  • Alison Hruby (HUM)
  • Tom Kmetz (LIB)
  • Kathy Lewis (COS)
  • Doug Mock (HUM)
  • Anindita Paul (COB)
  • Gilbert Remillard (COS)