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Academic Terminology

An area is a field of specialization requiring no less than 48 credit hours, which can be completed in place of a major-minor combination.

A major is a principal field of specialized study in which a student plans to obtain a degree. A major requires no fewer than 30 credit hours of designated coursework and must be accompanied by a minor or a second major.

A minor is a secondary field of study which requires no fewer than 21 credit hours of designated coursework.​​

A curriculum map outlines the 4-year plan of coursework that is required for a program of study. Each department has developed curriculum maps specific to the programs they offer. A curriculum map can serve as a guide to help you develop your academic plan.

A course syllabus is the most important document you will recieve from your instructor because it provides the details specific to each course. The syllabus contains all the information you need to succeed in that course. Each instructor will provide students with a syllabus at the beginning of the class. While every course will be different, a syllabus generally includes the following information: schedule for the semester, attendance policy, grading policies, materials required for the course, and expectations for the students.

  • Seeks information rather than waiting to be given it.
  • Uses knowledge to make a difference.
  • Goes beyond assigned readings to understand things fully.
  • Absorbs, interprets and synthesizes information.
  • Regards their education as an investment that requires a willingness to learn.
  • Gets the most out of every class by attending, taking notes, reading and discussing ideas.
  • Examines content critically and thinks about its credibility, source, value and relevance.
  • Maintains a balance of those things necessary for intellectual and physical development.


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