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Meet students, faculty and staff in your program of study at the Caudill College Connection event, usually held at the beginning of the fall semester.

You will work together with other new students to undertake fun problem-solving and general knowledge challenges. The event will also measure what you know about Caudill College and university life. Prizes will be awarded at a post-event get-together with food and music. Check your student email account for updates.

CCAHSS stands for the Caudill College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

  • Communication, Media, Art & Design - Claypool-Young Art Building and Breckinridge Hall
  • Music, Theatre & Dance - Baird Music Hall and Breckinridge Hall (Theatre & Dance)
  • English & Modern Languages - Breckinridge Hall
  • History, Philosophy, Global Studies & Legal Studies - Rader Hall
  • Military Science - Button Auditorium 
  • Sociology, Social Work & Criminology - Rader Hall

Need to schedule an appointment? Simply find your area of study below and contact your advisor.

Art & Design; Music Theatre & Dance; and School of English, Communication, Media & Languages (Languages, Strategic Communication and Convergent Media)

Contact Farrah Baldwin at 606-783-2441.

Social Work; Sociology; Criminology; History; English; Philosophy; Global Studies; Legal Studies; Creative Writing

Contact Amanda Hogge at 606-783-9446

General Education courses are the classes every student must take to graduate. The General Education Core courses are:

  • FYS 101 - First Year Seminar
  • ENG 100 - Writing I
  • ENG 200 - Writing II
  • COMS 108 - Fundamentals of Speech Communication
  • MATH 123 (Introduction to Statistics), 131 (General Mathematics Problem Solving), 135 (Mathematics for Technical Students),152 (College Algebra), 174 (Pre-Calculus Mathematics) or 175 (Calculus I)
Students are also required to take general education electives beyond the core.

  • Provides a foundation of knowledge necessary for all university students regardless of major.
  • Teaches you to engage in intelligent and responsible discourse in society.
  • Encourages you to be a critical thinker who examines moral and ethical issues.
  • Teaches you to collect, analyze and test evidence pertaining to a body of knowledge.
  • Encourages you to be intellectually curious and to question circumstances and environments.
  • Allows students the opportunity to have exposure to and explore different disciplines.

Your program evaluation allows you to track progress within your program of study. The evaluation includes every course you have completed, the grades you received in those courses, the courses you are currently taking, and what classes you still need. Accessing your Program Evaluation helps you stay on track to graduate by showing you what you still need to complete before you qualify for graduation.

  1. Log into MyMoreheadState.
  2. Select "Academic Planning" from the Self-Service Menu.
  3. Select “Program Evaluation".
  4. Make the appropriate selections and click the “Submit” button.

  1. Log into MyMoreheadState.
  2. Select "Academic Profile" from the Self-Service menu.
  3. Select "Transcript".
  4. Choose your transcript type (undergraduate or graduate). You will be able to access the link to request your official transcript from that page.
  5. Click "Submit".

Contact Information

Caudill College Student Services Center

211 Rader Hall
Morehead, KY 40351

PHONE: 606-783-2693