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Program Evaluation & Transcript

Your program evaluation allows you to track progress within your program of study.

The evaluation includes every course you have completed, the grades you received in those courses, courses you are currently taking, and what classes you still need. Accessing your Program Evaluation helps you stay on track to graduate by showing you what you still need to complete before you qualify for graduation.

  1. Log into MyMoreheadState.
  2. Select "Academic Planning" from the Self-Service Menu.
  3. Select “Program Evaluation".
  4. Make the appropriate selections and click the “Submit” button.

access your unofficial transcript and/or request your official transcript

  1. Log into MyMoreheadState.
  2. Select "Academic Profile" from the Self-Service menu.
  3. Select "Transcript".
  4. Choose your transcript type (undergraduate or graduate). You will be able to access the link to request your official transcript from that page.
  5. Click "Submit".


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