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Veterinary Science, B.S.


Prepare to apply with our veterinary science program.


Bachelor of Science (B.S.)






4 Years

Curriculum Map

What You'll Learn in Veterinary Science program

Our interdisciplinary program combines biology, chemistry, agriculture and other science-based coursework to prepare you to apply to colleges of veterinary medicine.

What You Can Do with a veterinary science degree

Attend veterinary school or work in government regulatory agencies, medicine and in research and development.

What Makes Morehead State's Program Different

Students in our veterinary science program learn by doing at the Derrickson Agricultural Complex, our 325-acre farm. With livestock and equine operations and a large and small animal hospital, you'll acquire the hands-on skills that take learning beyond the classroom.

Admission to the Veterinary Science program

To be admitted to our veterinary science program, you must be accepted to MSU.

Note: The program meets all the pre-entrance requirements for all of the major colleges of veterinary medicine in the U.S., but completion of the program does not guarantee acceptance into veterinary school.

Contact Information

Agricultural Sciences

325 Reed Hall
Morehead, KY 40351

PHONE: 606-783-2662