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Veterinary Technology, A.A.S.


Learn skills to provide support services for veterinarians.


Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.)






3 Years

Course Requirements

What Makes Morehead State's Program Different

Students in our veterinary technology programs learn by doing at the Derrickson Agricultural Complex, our 325-acre farm. With livestock and equine operations and a large and small animal hospital, you'll acquire the hands-on skills that take learning beyond the classroom. 

Students must submit a complete admission packet that includes the following: 

  • Completed VT Admission Application  
  • Completed Veterinary Work Experience form 
  • Current transcripts from MSU and any other universities/colleges attended 

  1. The first year of school you will be required to take Math 131 or higher, biology 105 or 171 and chemistry 101 (and lab) or higher along with other general education and general science classes. You will apply to the Veterinary Technology program in the fall of your first year, and if accepted, will begin the VT sequence in the fall of your second year. Acceptance is based on your GPA, available seats in the program, documented veterinary work experience and PACHA health form/vaccinations.  

  2. You must maintain an overall GPA of 2.8, with a 2.6 or better in math, biology and chemistry to be accepted into the program. Grades in math, biology, chemistry and agricultural sciences courses must be a "C" or higher.  

  3. You must complete 120 hours of supervised work with a veterinarian before being accepted into the program, and you must submit a completed work experience form.  

  4. Submit all medical documentation by the end of the first week of the fall semester in which you will start the VT program. 

  5. Documentation of pre-exposure rabies vaccine. Please check with your medical insurance company to see if the vaccine series is covered by your policy.  

  6. MSU Counseling and Health Services can provide the required immunizations, or you can choose to visit your primary care physician. However, if you do visit your personal physician, you will need to submit official documentation to the University Counseling and Health Clinic to obtain immunization compliance approval for the clinical portion of the VT program.


Once you are accepted to the program, you will need to go to  and complete the following forms: 

  • Medical documentation  
  • SSS MSU Online Health History 
  • Training Document for ACWC 
  • Animal Care Worker Quiz 
  • ACW Self Survey 
  • Periodic Animal Contact Health Assessment (PACHA) 
  • Record of current tetanus vaccine (if received prior to admission) 
  • Record of pre-exposure rabies vaccine (if received prior to admission)

  • $20 required clinical compliance fee 
  • $15 VT compliance fee 
  • $35 fee for the completion of the PACHA form 
  • $600-900 Pre-Exposure Rabies Vaccine 

Associate Degree Curriculum Map

Admission to the Veterinary Technology program

MSU's veterinary technology (VT) programs have a selective admission policy that is separate from, and in addition to, MSU's admission requirements. Admission to MSU does not guarantee admission to the VT programs. The number of clinical placement positions limits enrollment to 40 incoming students per year. 

Contact Information

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