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2024-25 Placement Testing

Students should use the following guidelines to determine their need for placement testing.

Scores chart updated on 4/18/2023

ACT/SAT Scores Determining Need for Placement Tests (2023)

*Any student without ACT or SAT scores will need to take placement tests. 
Required Placement Testing
English Math Reading
ACT Less than 18 Less than 19 Less than 20


Less than 25
(on Writing and Language test)

Less than 510
Less than 24
(on Reading test)

What to do if you did not take the ACT or if your scores are below the readiness standard: 

1. Placement testing: Students who did not take the ACT must take the placement tests in the three subject areas shown above. Students who have taken the ACT can take placement tests in the subtest area(s) in which they score below the readiness standard. (For example, a student who scores 19 in reading can take the reading placement test.)  We need placement test scores before you attend SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising and Registration). Placement test results determine course sections in which students are permitted to enroll.  

Placement testing options are: 

  1. Take placement tests at MSU: Take placement test(s) in the area(s) you do not meet the readiness standards, or take all three placement tests if you have no ACT scores. To schedule placement tests at MSU, contact the MSU Testing Center at 606-783-2526 or Placement tests are $10 each for students. 

  2. Take KYOTE placement tests at your high school (only available to KY students): Check with your high school guidance counselor for more details. Be sure to request that your scores are sent to MSU, AND contact the MSU Testing Center at 606-783-2526 or to alert you have submitted your scores through the KYOTE system. 

  3. Take placement tests online at home; email the MSU Testing Center at requesting to take placement tests online. Include your name, MSU ID#, the tests needed, and your date of birth in your email. You will receive a reply with how to schedule and take your tests online from home. You will need access to a desktop or laptop computer with a webcam and audio capabilities, internet access, and a quiet private place to test. Placement tests are $10 each. 

2. Take or retake the ACT:  You can still take the ACT (national test on Saturdays) or the On-Campus ACT. If you did not prepare for the ACT the first time, the most time and cost-effective actions are to study, energetically prepare and retake it. Statistics show that careful preparation can lead to improved scores. Register for the national ACT at, or contact the MSU Testing Center at 606-783-2526 or to register for the On-Campus ACT. 

All students without entrance test scores should take the required placement test(s) before attending class at MSU. 

Students below readiness standards will be placed in Enhanced courses.   

Placement Test Cut Scores (2023)

*Scores must be from tests taken no more than four years ago.

Contact Information

Testing Center

501A Ginger Hall

Morehead, KY 40351

PHONE: 606-783-2526
FAX: 606-783-5071