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Student organizations must protect the welfare of their members, guests, and the University and should take every measure to protect against University, individual, or organizational liability. Organizations and/or their representatives are subject to University disciplinary action, including loss of registration privileges, for violation of the law or University policy. The positive development of members is the main purpose of a student organization, fraternity, or sorority.

These groups are responsible for morally and ethically sound principles and practices and must not indulge in unproductive, ridiculous, or hazardous initiation customs. All organizations and members are expected to comply with the following policy on hazing: Hazing by a student or a group of students is prohibited, either on or off campus.

Morehead State University uses the following definition for hazing:

Any action or situation which recklessly or intentionally endangers the mental or physical health or involves the forced consumption of liquor or drugs for the purpose of initiation into or affiliation with any organization. Acting in a manner or creating a situation that subjects another, voluntarily or involuntarily, to abuse, mistreatment, degradation, humiliation, harm or intimidation. Pursuant to KRS 164.375 such action may result in suspension or dismissal from the University.

Prohibited activities include:

  • Paddling in any form
  • Creation of excessive fatigue
  • Physical and psychological shocks
  • Wearing, publicly, apparel that is conspicuous and not normally in good taste
  • Engaging in public stunts or disorderly conduct
  • Morally degrading or humiliating games and activities
  • Late work sessions which interfere with scholastic activities
  • And any other activities which are not consistent with federal, state and local law, organizational rituals or policies, and/or the regulations and policies of MSU.

Remember: If you have to ask yourself if something is hazing, it is. Don’t do it.

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