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Student Organizations

The student organizations at Morehead State University offer numerous ways for you to become fully immersed in campus life. MSU offers more than 120 student clubs and organizations and more than 15 percent of the student body participates in Fraternity & Sorority Life. Find a way to interact and get involved with student organizations and be rewarded with an even more fulfilling college experience.

If you can't find a registered student organization that fits your needs, MSU strongly supports the innovation of our students to create organizations that meet shared interests.

Follow these steps to start a newly registered student organization.

Unsure where to deposit funds for your account? Want to promote your student organization?

This document explains the responsibilities and technical details for all MSU registered student organizations, including the process and benefits of becoming an officially registered student org.

Download the Resource Guide.

This document explains official policies regarding student organizations at MSU. From hazing to free speech, travel and marketing, this is your go-to guide for policies and protocols.

Download the Policy Manual.

You have been asked to be an advisor to a student organization … now what? This document explains your responsibilities as an advisor and "how to ..." references to assist you in supporting your student organization.

Download the Advisor Handbook.

Planning and executing a concert on campus requires a significant commitment from the registered student organization sponsoring the event. It is critical to understand the preparation, costs and procedures required to ensure a successful event. This guide is intended to help you understand the commitment required for a concert event and help you assess the possibility of sponsoring an event of this size.

Download the Large Events Guides.

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