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Current Nursing Students

Grading System 

All nursing programs in the Department of Nursing will maintain a letter grade system. This position aligns with our Systematic Program of Evaluation(s) (SPE), which is guided by our national nursing accrediting bodies that are established for each of the four nursing programs; AASN, Pre-licensure BSN, Post-licensure BSN, and MSN. The SPEs are supported by existing policies for admission, progression and dismissal from the nursing program. This includes all general education courses, required pre-requisite courses for the nursing programs and all nursing courses.


Criminal Background Checks, Drug Screen, and Immunizations Profile Depository: All students in the Department of Nursing are required to pass a criminal background check and drug screening and must be up to date on immunizations.

Student Handbooks

Visit Scholarworks for an archive of older handbooks and newsletters.


Family Nurse Practitioner Practicum Handbooks

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