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Nursing Facilities

The Center of Health, Education & Research (CHER) allows MSU to offer nursing students cutting-edge learning technology. Having practical skills using the latest medical and educational technologies gives you a unique, hands-on learning experience.

Labs 301 and 302

The two labs house computerized mannequins that are programmed to mimic a wide range of illnesses and patient profiles, giving you opportunities to care for individuals in situations which may be unavailable to students in hospital settings. Lab 301 Acute Unit is a 10-bed hospital-type floor setup equipped for physical assessment. Lab 302 Maternal/Obstetrics is set up as a 10-bed unit with a birthing room as the centerpiece. Your skills will be honed as you become a "working nurse" during full-scale simulations that may include calling providers for medical orders, prioritizing and delegating care for multiple clients, and interacting with the interprofessional team.

Labs 307 and 309

307 has the Neonatal/Pediatric Intensive Care Unit as well as the equipment for the physical assessment. 309 houses our bariatric patients.

Lab 414 Multi-Media Center

The Multi-Media Lab consists of 50 computers that house a number of helpful programs you'll use throughout the program for testing and practice. Located in the back of the lab are a number of multimedia resources to help you study. This lab also houses the Multi-Media Lab Coordinator and IT Specialist, who will work with you on technology and who oversee testing.

Lab 413 Testing Center

This lab houses 55 computers that are used by all students in the building. This lab has state-of-the-art testing desks to allow for either electronic testing or paper testing as needed. The lab has eight cameras that consistently monitor students as they take exams. This facility can also be used as an instruction room.

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