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Student Organizations

Morehead State has a local chapter of the Student Nurses Association (SNA), which is aimed at organizing, representing and mentoring you as you prepare for initial licensure as a registered nurse. The organization is also open if you are in the post-licensure bachelor's program. The SNA also strives to promote the development of skills you will need as you enter the nursing profession to advocate for high-quality patient care and advances in nursing education. SNA members participate in numerous community projects and programs throughout the year.

At Morehead State, the SNA Mission is to:

  • Aid the development and growth of the individual student.
  • Provide a close bond and unified spirit among students.
  • Encourage cooperation between students and faculty.
  • Provide a pre-professional organization at the university level and encourage participation in meetings and activities pertaining to the practice of nursing.
  • Prepare for membership and preparation in the professional organization of nurses, American Nurses Association (ANA) and its various units.
  • Stimulate interest in and understanding of the programs of the National League for Nursing (NLN) and its various units.