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Recreational Equipment & Mobility Devices

Student Conduct Code 2770 (Safety Infractions) prohibits using bicycles, scooters, in-line skates, skateboards, hoverboards and other recreational equipment on any University-owned property in a manner that causes (or may cause) damage, hazardous conditions, or harm to self or others.

Recreational equipment covered under this SCC also includes other power-driven mobility devices, such as mopeds and hoverboards, unless used under the provisions of ADA. The use of recreational equipment at Morehead State University is generally allowable, however all users must operate in accordance with federal, state and local laws. Furthermore, the use of the recreational equipment must be reasonable relative to the situation and not violate other university policies or guidelines. A primary consideration in such use is the safety and well-being of the user and anyone who may be in vicinity of the equipment in use.


It is the responsibility of the user to safely use and to safely store recreational equipment. The user may be held responsible for any injuries to others and property damage that may happen while using or storing recreational equipment on campus.

  • Mobility devices may not be used inside any campus building unless operated as an approved mobility device by an individual with a disability.
  • Mobility devices should not be operated in a manner that may endanger its passenger or other individuals or damage MSU property. Operators should choose the route that is least populated by pedestrians.
  • Operators shall drive at an appropriate speed according to existing conditions. In pedestrian areas, the speed should not exceed 5 mph.
  • Mobility devices must travel in the direction of the flow of traffic and obey all campus traffic regulations and signs.
  • Pedestrians always have the right of way on campus sidewalks. Operators may not pass or weave in and out of pedestrian traffic.
  • Operators shall not wear or use headphones or earphones in both ears (one earpiece may be used). No texting is allowed while operating a mobility device.
  • When in use between sunset and sunrise, mobility devices shall be equipped with adequate lights and reflectors to assist self and to alert pedestrians and vehicles of presence.
  • Mobility devices are not permitted to be stored in building lobbies, stairwells, stair towers, corridors and ramps inside or outside of buildings or lined parking spaces unless with prior approval by the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.
  • Mobility devices may be walked inside buildings to approved storage areas.
  • Mobility devices are prohibited from blocking entrances to buildings, accessible ramps, or main thoroughfares.
  • Mobility devices are prohibited from parking on sidewalks in any way that blocks or restricts pedestrian traffic.
  • Mobility devices that are powered by fuel-driven engines are not permitted to be stored inside any university buildings without the approval of the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.
  • Mobility devices that are powered by lithium batteries are not permitted to be stored inside any university residential housing buildings without the approval of the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.

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