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Personnel Policies

The manual on personnel policies is divided into five sections. The first section is on general personnel policies that apply to various classifications of faculty and staff members. specified otherwise, each policy in this section applies to all classification categories of faculty and staff members. The policy symbol for general policies is PG.

Four additional sections contain policies specific to a particular classification category as follows:

  • Academics: PAc
  • Administrative: PAd
  • Staff Exempt: PSE
  • Staff Non-Exempt: PSNE

Definitions of the categories of the classification are found in Policy PG-2.

For questions related to a specific University policy or administrative regulation, or if a constituency group has recommendations for changes to a policy or UAR, please contact the appropriate Vice President or the Director of the Office of Human Resources.

University Administrative Regulations (UARs)

University Administrative Regulations (UARs) provide structure and policy for academic and administrative processes.

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